My new sewing companion

Gummy, short for Gumdrop, says 'Hello'. 
She's a most inquisitively curious cocktiel and with her striking colors and photogenic ways she's quite a beauty. 
Gummy belongs to my daughter Melissa, who is a very busy 21 year old college student and isn't at home as much as Gummy would like.  Gummy's been getting oh-so-lonesome, so I've rearranged things a bit in my sewing room to make room for her cage and made a new sewing machine cover to save my machine from the dust she creates.  This was put together in an evening with leftover pieces of tapestry fabric and burgundy faux leather.
Loved working with the faux leather and look forward to making a purse from the rest of the piece.  Oh, and what else might we see laid out on the table?  Could it be the beginning of a top?!  Imagine that!
Yes! progress has been made on my new top NewLook 6735 view B as my Make a Garment a Month Challenge for November.  Yes, I am behind.... very behind.... but determined no matter what.  Hopefully I'll have a finished top to share with you soon.  Better yet - a new top to wear!!
And don't worry Towa, you're still my sewing companion too.
A new sewing companion, new fabrics from Christmas and the beginnings of a great-fitting top.  I'm ready to sew!

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