Does 1 Davy Crockett bar
1 bowl of oatmeal?

That's what I'm telling myself this morning!  Yesterday was spent in the seasonal rhythm of making these delicious Davy Crockett Bars, filled with pecans, chocolate chips and yes, oatmeal for my husband's Christmas office party.  Isn't it too bad a few didn't fit on the serving platter?!  You can find the recipe posted on our family's Shady Grove Journal along with the recipe for those delicious Peppermint Meringue candies you see smuggled on my breakfast plate too!  These are providing the fuel to complete a couple of red velvet panne'  Christmas pillows whose fabric is so slippy-slidey but will be oh-so pretty and festive when on my sofa.

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  1. In answer to your question, if you want the Davy Crockett bar to equal a bowl of oatmeal, I say yes! Yes, it does!

    Good luck on the pillows. I know they'll be very festive when they are done.

    My last prepared plate of Christmas goodies is leaving the house today. Now whatever is left in the assorted tins is fair game for anyone around here!


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