a special quilt's note for someone 'special'

One last post about the quilt I recently made for a child in a children's home in Alabama as part of Gene Black's Quilt Angel Project.  Originally I wasn't going to post the note I included with the quilt, only taking these photos for my own records literally right before the quilt was mailed out, simply so I'd remember what I'd written for future reference when other charity quilts will be made.

I've been pretty much offline these last few days involved with a lot of family activities and totally missed Gene's post about the children's reactions to the quilts when he delivered them this past Saturday.  Gene was kind enough to e-mail me Sunday to let me know how 'the note' was received and the super special young lady who chose my quilt.  Tears filled my eyes as I told my husband I'd just received the best Christmas present.... nothing else could mean so much..... to me.

Reading Gene's blog post this morning made me wonder if maybe I needed to post what I had included in the note as others might be interested also.  Remember, I didn't know if a boy or a girl would choose my quilt.

My simple homemade notecard matched perfectly with the 'blue' theme.
Handwritten note inside.... dated, care instructions, and letting the recipient know he/she was loved and special.  I'm old enough to have a 'thing' about children, young or old, calling me by my first name, so the 'Mrs.' was included.
You've seen the stitched-in quilt label before, but thought I'd show it again.    It says:
. LOVE .
My thought process here was that a child might not want some stranger's name on their quilt - particularly if it was a boy??  I don't know, just sharing my thoughts, so I deliberately did not include my name on the quilt, but made sure the year and state was noted..... and of course 'love'. 
With every cut and every stitch, this quilt was made in prayerful thoughtfulness of who might be the one to cuddle and snuggle with it and feel its comfort.    Why is it when we 'do' for others, 'we' are the one to receive the blessings tenfold?!  I've already told Gene to count me in for next year.
Quilt for Alabama
Alabama Quilt in progress
Alabama Quilt coming along
Alabama Quilt ~ Complete
Completed Quilt!

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  1. I agree! I have received more blessings from participating in giving to those with less than I get from receiving. This always makes my Christmas.

    1. Thanks again Gene! I'm already looking forward to next year.

  2. What a thoughtful, loving note you sent with the quilt, Lisa. It brought tears to my eyes.

    1. I hope you clicked on that link to Gene's post as he wrote about how the girl was so thrilled with the note and showed the note to all because it said she was 'special' and she kept repeating that she was special. Thank you Mama Pea.


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