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This is turning out to be a favorite skirt pattern.
Thought a photo outside our chicken coop/barn would make a nice backdrop.  While I was outside, our temperature gauge was registering 91 degrees!!  Needless to say it was hot!  Oh, but my new cute little skirt was perfect to keep one's 'cool'.  :)  

NEWLOOK 6192's skirt, view B, could not be any easier.  Cut two pieces on fold - one for front and one for back, cut a waistband/casing piece. Sew/serge, insert elastic and one's done in a short time..... or should be if one's serger is behaving.  Mine threw a temper tantrum last night and what should've been a quick, easy little project, became a 'til midnight ordeal.  Patience prevailed and when my serger finally decided to cooperate, this little skirt was finished in no time.

Everpresent Toby wanted to be included today.
No adjustments were made other than I cut a size 10 and used my serged seam for the seam allowance, not the 5/8" the instructions called for.  I forgot to lengthen the fabric, (per my notes I had made earlier strictly to remind me), but since I didn't use a 5/8" seam when attaching the waistband to the skirt and simply turned the fabric under for my hem after serging the edge, it seems okay.  Love this fabric.   A soft, almost silky knit it took me longer to cut everything out, than it did to sew up because this fabric was manufactured wonkily.  I guess that's what I get for buying clearance bin fabrics.  Originally wanted a shirt in this fabric, but could not guarantee the design would be 'even', so thought a skirt would be more forgiving.  Though it can't be seen in the photos here, I was careful to line up the design on the side seams and even centered the design in the waistband too.  Somewhere I recently read, depending on how one feels with the elastic, you can cut the elastic 2-4" smaller than your measurement; so with that in mind, found a scrap of 1" elastic @3 1/2" smaller than my measurement, barely overlapped the ends before stitching and this is the best feeling elastic waistband I've ever made for myself.  Nice and snug, not too tight and not too loose.  I did not line this skirt, but think I will go back and add one.

Our chicken coop/barn houses our sweet ladies who provide farm-fresh organic eggs
and much entertainment for us.
Though this was taken a few years ago, I still love this photo of my daughter, iPod and all, holding one of her favorites.
Back to the skirt...
Pattern:  free - (since I've already made one skirt from this pattern, I'm considering it 'free' now.)
Notions:  free - elastic came from scrap drawer
So my cute skirt cost maybe @$3.00.  More importantly I love the way it fits and its comfortableness.  This is such a simple skirt to make, yet the results are quite nice.
(The little white sleeveless top and Chaps linen turquoise mid-sleeve shirt are rtw.)

P.S.  I love my new little red shoes!  

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  1. I like your little red shoes too...and you look like a real model!!!!


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