Which lighting would you choose?

...the lighting on the left...
or the lighting on the right?
(yes, I know one light is not started working AFTER I took these photos:))

Do you struggle to see detailed work? As I've gotten older, it's harder for me to see up-close, detailed's really simply harder to see! I replaced all the bulbs in my workroom lighting fixtures with bright white "Reveal" lightbulbs, thinking I was getting the best possible lighting... until a few months ago I came across an interesting post Sandra did at Sew in Peace where she was sharing her new sewing room. She showed a dramatic photo of her ceiling fan where she had replaced half the bulbs with Ott lightbulbs and left her 2 regular 60 watt lightbulbs in place... and showed the difference. I thought 'Wow! I need to remember this.'

I've been using Ott products for the last couple of years, but never thought of replacing existing lightbulbs, like ceiling fan lights, with their bulbs. OttLite bulbs produce a more natural light that helps reduce eyestrain..... to me it's a brighter, cleaner, easier-to-see, daylight-light. Sandra purchased her OttLite bulbs at Lowe's and I've seen them at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores..... but yesterday I found these at Hancock Fabrics for 40% off. This is great because they are a little pricey at $9.99 each for a 60 watt equivalent bulb.   Also, Hancock Fabrics had enough OttLite bulbs in stock for my needs.

Just thought I'd pass this little tip on.  It's so much easier to see now while I work on my 'piecework treasures'.
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