a printer-friendly link for the Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl knit pattern

Using Google Docs, I've added this link to my sidebar to make it easier to print the free Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl pattern from the simple knit prayer shawl post.

It includes more thoughts about a Prayer Shawl Ministry and a few ideas for inspiration; as well as the pattern, with photograph, on a separate page to make it easy for you to add to your project notebook. 
I like to print out the pattern I am currently working on and put it in a clear top-loading sheet protector to keep with my project until complete.  After making notes about my own project on the pattern, along with may be a snippet of yarn used, date completed and who it may be for, it is then filed in a project notebook for future reference and use. 

I hope this helps make it easier for you to knit this beautiful prayer shawl and maybe begin your own prayer shawl ministry.

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  1. Lisa, I know the instructions say always start and end with K3, but when you turn your work, should you start with P in the first 3? Please advise. Lorraine

    1. Hi Lorraine, You certainly could begin with a Purl stitch in the back of the Knit 3s if you wanted to, and that would give your edges a different overall finish, but this particular pattern works up pretty always beginning with a Knit 3 no matter what row you are on. Thank you for asking! Good Luck! :) Lisa


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